Our Story

Nora's Family Bakery is a labor of love founded by Diana, a wife and mother with a passion for baking and a commitment to using whole, natural ingredients.

The name "Nora" is a nod to both Diana's daughter and her mother, who instilled a love of baking and quality ingredients from an early age.

Motivated by the processed snacks and sweets available in stores, Diana set out to create a healthier, more wholesome option for her family and community.

At Nora's Family Bakery, we prioritize using locally-sourced, whole ingredients such as coconut sugar, local honey and molasses instead of granulated sugar, locally grown zucchini and farm-fresh eggs in our sweet breads.

We also use coconut oil instead of corn oil and incorporate nutrient-rich ingredients like chia seeds.

We believe that the quality of our ingredients is what sets us apart from other bakeries, and we take pride in knowing that our customers are enjoying a delicious treat made with ingredients they can feel good about.

What started as a small venture at the Eagle farmers market quickly gained popularity, and we are now proud to sell our breads at the Capital City Public Market, at various events across the Treasure Valley and also ship nationwide.

We are grateful for the support of our community and look forward to sharing our love of wholesome baking with customers far and wide.